Free CSS3 Icons Kit

Today's freebie is a fully customisable Free CSS3 Icons Kit, you can change the border radius, color and symbol shape easily without hassle. Each icon has a class of it's own so you just have to call the class you need and edit it the way you want. These CSS3 Icons come in Flat style, Gradient style, Semi-Rounded, Square & Circled. Each icon has simple hover effect which can easily be edited.

CSS 3 is divided into several separate documents called "modules". Each module adds new capabilities or extends features defined in CSS 2, preserving backward compatibility. Work on CSS level 3 started around the time of publication of the original CSS 2 recommendation. The earliest CSS 3 drafts were published in June 1999.

These Free CSS3 Icons Kit are fantastic to use on your next project, with simple to understand css & html these icons will work well. You can learn how to create these Icons with our Create No Image Icons in CSS3 Tutorial. We hope this CSS3 Icons Kit benefit you on your future projects.

What are the benefits of using CSS3 Icons?

  • Fully Customisable
  • No Images Required
  • High Quality
  • Compatible with all Browsers
  • Commented CSS



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