Have You Tried Webydo’s Free Website Creator?

Do you know how a website is designed? There are actually many methods but the route which most serious website owners take is as follows.

First of all they hire a designer and get the image of their site designed. This is usually done in Photoshop. If the client is not satisfied with the first design he asks for revisions until he gets what he wants.

Then, and this is the expensive part, he hires a developer who converts the design into hand written code. Of course you can’t just simply upload the images designed by the designer to your web host. The browser understands its own language, which happens to be HTML. And this is the job of the developer to convert the images into HTML.

A research revealed that 70% of all budget in website development goes on in paying the developers.

Here is where Webydo enters the situation.


Webydo is a website creator tool which puts the control into the hands of designers and removes developers completely out of the picture. This tool enables the designers to design websites online with a pixel by pixel accuracy. As the designer designs the website, Webydo automatically generates the HTML code in the background. Later, when the site design is complete, the designer can download the complete code.

Some of the important features of Webydo are discussed below.

Domain names

You can start your account with a free domain name and free hosting. You can create your website there and show it to your client and when he has approved it you can shift it to the paid plan which allows you to customize your domain name.

No technical knowledge required

Webydo is built with this feature in mind – that it will put designers in charge. Therefore they have designed everything in such a way that it can be used by anyone having no coding knowledge.

Webydo offers one integrated solution for the creation, management and hosting of websites, without writing any codes. There is nothing to set up or plug-in. You can focus on the creative side and leave all the technical details to them.

Good hosting

Webydo’s advanced cloud hosting infrastructure is monitored by their team 24X7. Your website will be live and secured even if it receives large traffic spikes.

The servers are secured by enterprise-level database security measures across their entire hosting network to prevent hackers from hacking into your clients’ websites.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a process by which you can optimize your site to rank better in search engines.

Webydo provides you with tools which will help you in your SEO. The tools will monitor and optimize the position of your website in search results.

Site Analytics

Webydo has a built in tracking tool that will give you statistics on your site’s traffic. The result of your putting up high quality content, awesome images, quality videos – the result of your every effort is judged by the traffic your site receives.

This tool will let you receive accurate real-time statistics about your traffic.

Go and check the site out and leave a comment below letting me know how you feel about it.