7 Essential Web Design Tips That You Might Not Know

These days, discovering and applying some truly good web design tips is a very important thing that every webmaster should do. This is because building a truly great website is possible only if the creator of the website applies specific tips and strategies, which are able to present information in a truly unique way. Furthermore, most of the available web design tips are important especially because they can literally help webmasters to get exactly what they are searching for: traffic.

The very first thing that you should understand about the most essential web design tips is the fact that they mainly relate to the usability of a website. As you might already know, usability is a very important criterion for making your website easy to use. “Easy to use” is a desired characteristic for all websites especially because it allows users to find specific information very easily and quickly.

But, before explaining you the top web design tips that relate to the usability of a virtual platform, you should be aware of a misconception that exists with regard to this concept. According to many professionals, creating a website that comes along with high usability is quite expensive. In order to debate this theory from an impartial point of view, we must admit that specific companies spend thousands of dollars on expert research and usability tests. However, you should also know that usability is achievable without expert advice. But for this, the person in cause must be willing to take a look at the following 7 web design tips.

Misleading UI Controls

One of the most essential things that a web designer must know is that some UI controls can easily mislead people. As you might already know, UI controls relate to specific web page elements, such as widgets and other components that users interact with. In order to avoid creating any misleading UI controls, you should never consider building graphic elements that look like something they are not. For instance, you should avoid designing graphic elements, which look like buttons, but are not. As well, you should never underline words especially because this formula might look like a link although it does not permit people to visit other web pages.

Readable Web Pages

It is very important to build some easily readable web pages. The web pages, which are very easy to read, can help you to convince your visitors to come back again. For this, it is also important to bear in mind that most people usually scan the content prior to reading it. Thus, you have to make sure that your content is easily scannable before posting it.

Breaking the Workflow

This is something that you should never do. No matter what you require visitors to do while visiting your website, you have to make sure that the operation goes smoothly. An operation, which is continuously interrupted by various factors, such as ads and slow loading times, will annoy people, driving them away from your website.

Use Site Maps

The site maps are very important in order to improve SEO and web page navigation. They are nothing else than structural representations of your web pages and their architecture. Usually, the site maps are organized hierarchically.

Extensive Graphics

Although graphics are very useful, being one of the most essential elements that attract visitors, abusive use of them is always ominous for a website. It is important to bear in mind that the graphics are meant to improve a website and not to decorate it.

Site Search

A very important feature of a website is the search box. This box is essential especially because it allows visitors to find the desired content right away. A website without a search box is much worse than a book, which has no table of content.

Include Tagline

The tagline is a motto, which represents your business’s mission and philosophy. It is a very important element of the front page, being able to capture visitors’ attention. As the tagline can convince visitors to browse your website, you have to make sure that it is visible at all times.

Obviously, there are many other tips and tricks that a web designer can use in order to create a truly outstanding website. In order to take the most suitable decisions with regard to the web pages that you intend to create, the best thing that you can do is to visit specific websites and verify their web page elements, including colors, fonts, graphics, content and so on.

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