40+ Awesome One Page Website Designs for Inspiration

Here's a collection of awesome One Page/Single Website Designs for Inspiration! These website designs have been beautifully designed, built and work well with the single page system. Single Page websites are effective in providing all the content on one single page, this is usually built using Javascript code and can be a nice method when your website doesn't have a lot of content.

Radio Lollipop Events

Slavery Footprint

Webovy Grafik

Theme for a Beer

Oleo Interactive

Justin R Freeman



Baeckerei Zibuhr

Launch Factory

Soiree 1954


Mik Viaggi

The Guide to the App Galaxy

Trinity Web Tech

3 Digital

Defend the Internet

Will for Syth


SZ Web Designer


Tim Potter

Zwart Wit Media

David Baratta

Oven Bits


Parallaxr WordPress Theme

Photoshop Etiquette


Pixel Fable

Kung Fu Produtora


Theory Design


Medusa Team

Santi Urso

Jeffrey Dirkse

Francesco Mugnai

Latin Rogue Cleaning

Progresso 15

Dale Harris

FT Designer

  1. kelly mcgehee


    I found your website on Pinterest, where I was looking for inspiration, I am in need of some help with my portfolio based website. Your work is so beautiful!

    I’m hoping to get my website in a place where it’s a little more user friendly, right now the portfolio is laggy and not designed well, it’s something I worked on with iweb a couple of years ago. I can manage the content, but it takes forever.

    The website is http://www.kellymcgehee.com. I like some aspects of it, photos of the sets along with opportunities to show video clips is a plus. Though I’ve liked the design of the homepage and gallery front-pages, maybe they’re feeling a little heavy and dated, I’m not sure.

    Thanks very much for taking a look,