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In order to create a long-lasting first impression, we are here to help you shape your creative journey. Through research and exploration, as well as based on our extensive knowledge and experience, we tailor-make all aspects of your visual identity. We are here to help you find that perfect logo, web design guidelines, as well as printed material. We believe that in order for a product or service to be successful, it needs to be unique – to be set apart in look and feel from other brands on the shelf. We all know there is a lot of competition out there, which is why it is important to create a product that does not only fill a need, but touches a customer on a personal level.


We’re here to help you build your next amazing app. With strategy, design, development, and our ongoing support, Bloom Web Design is here to help you during every step of the way. From strategy through development, we will help you build a tailored experience your customers deserve and your brand demands. At Bloom Web Design, we offer our services in app development and knowledge from various fields. Our mobile strategy helps you refine your goals in order to create a long-term value. We build engaging mobile experiences that will delight users with every touch of the screen. Finally, we offer a complete app engineering solution. Everything from shaping your idea to publishing and offering customer support.


Design is our passion. Regardless of a platform you are using, we are here to help you achieve pixel-perfect visual design. Let us help you make your website look simple, elegant, and professional. In addition, we put a lot of effort into providing top of the line support. If you are running a Wordpress blog, our support stuff is here to answer any of your questions and help you expand with new features at any time. You can run a successful website, regardless of your experience level.

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Panda Security has a task of forming their online presence and creating effortless communication with their clients. The company aims at CIOs to embrace different cloud technologies, which for us means exploration and research on which services employees use. In addition, we needed to analyze usage patterns and encrypt data stored in the cloud. According to a recent research, only 7 percent of services which today's enterprise use is considered as safe. With this said, our main goal was to use a framework to build a product that will help future clients make their cloud technologies and services much safer. The initial stage of design included creation of mood boards, whose main goal is to determine the visual direction of the website. Panda Security needed a website with clearly presented information, while still allowing users to engage into deeper research. The next step was determining the best possible wireframe for the website development. Since the company needed to allow employees easy content management, we decided to use Wordpress, which is one of the most used content management systems. Using Wordpress, Panda Security allows its employees and clients to easily make changes to any web page without impacting on the design or search optimization.

design. Responsive web design allows web pages to be nicely presented on various screen sizes and all possible platforms. As you can image, the web page cannot look the same on a small handheld device, a tablet, or on a wide-screen monitor. Optimizing the web site for a responsive design applies to every single graphic and text element, everything from logos, icons, navigation bars, up to images and blocks of content.

Today's standard of designing web pages also includes subtle touches whose mission is to bring dynamic elements to pages. These can be subtle animations, text expanders, and more. When it comes to Panda Security, we wanted to overhaul the look of customized video loading animations as well as to bring parallax scrolling to intuitive scalable menus. These subtle touches are working to reflect the polish and sophistication of the company and its product, where their mission is to bring a long lasting first impression.

The final result is something we are very proud of. We worked closely with Panda Security in order to bring to life the needed framework, which will be used to exchange content between the company and its clients. Using Wordpress, the employees will be able to make changes on the go, without having the fear of rising issues with the web pages. Subtle final touches throughout reflect the company's own attention of detail within the cloud security space, which we hope that clients will find reassuring.


Just Good Bites is an Apple-related website with the main goal of delivering daily news to a broad range of visitors. The founder wanted an attractively designed website based on Wordpress, which is one of the most user-friendly content management systems (CMS). The initial website was redesigned not only to look better, but to improve the overall experience and build a strong basis for any future development and expansion.

One of the first things we needed to deal with is determining target customer personas. This is a critical component of our digital marketing analysis and reporting which allows us to fine-tune content that speaks directly to audience segments with unique interests and needs. The process of designing Just Good Bites wasn't a short process. When the project kicked off, the initial design looked quite differently from what we have today. We needed an input from the founder, who worked with us from the beginning. During this process, we were ready to take a step back and sketch ideas for a clean and intuitive Apple style website. On the other hand, one of the most important components was the website's ability to grow in the future, which was something we had to build upon right from the initial sketches.

After getting to the final desktop design, our design team worked on optimizing the website and creating responsive web pages. Responsive web design allows us to build projects that can be viewed from any device, while providing an optimal viewing experience. As you can image, it is quite different when a person opens a web page using a Smartphone, or when the same page is being accessed using a 27" monitor. We took our time to fine-tune the final state of our image carousels and create subtle but striking loading animations, which can be seen on all our responsive web pages.

Finally, what every promising website needs is to be properly optimized for search engines. This is the foundation of our digital marketing efforts. The goal of this process is to improve the visibility of a website within the organic search results, which should result in a higher visitor count. When it comes to JustGoodBites, we used our baseline metrics and keyword analysis in order to create a list of goals. Our continuous goal with every project we take is to generate massive online traffic through organic inbound marketing efforts.

The result of this process speaks for itself. Thanks to the founder of Just Good Bites, who came to us with defined direction and constructive feedback, we were able to guide him through various development challenges in order to get a result that we are proud of. Just Good Bites features a simple and elegant design that is mixed with complex functionality and a lot of work on behind the scenes, which resulted in creating an amazing experience for the end user.


While creating a web portal for the city of Seattle, it didn't take much for us to get inspired. A city of sophistication, Seattle is bringing a combination of natural beauty and urban excitement. Visiting this city is not an easy task since there are so many things to be seen and experienced. There is an endless list of things to do, which for us meant creation of a web site that is user intuitive, but which brings content for every possible user type. In addition, a website like this one needs an intuitive and powerful back-end engine to deliver third-party content across the site.

What is important to be said is that this website is not just a list of tourist attractions, but it also tries to communicate with planners in search for convention spaces, business owners trying to boost their profits, and Seattle residents searching for the next interesting thing to experience. This is why we needed an extensive digital market research whose mission is to fuel the long-term strategy and give us a clue of what the final product should look and feel like.

The website has thousands of pages of various events, places to shop, restaurants, and much more. We used the data gathered through our digital marketing research to consolidate pages. This way we managed to build interesting pages of individual businesses, as well as to point out information that is of the highest priority for the website visitors. In addition, we used the same process to build and refine content navigation, which not only uses primary, but also secondary and tertiary navigation menus.

Seattle residents and tourists use their phones to find their way through the city, which for us means optimizing the website for impeccable mobile-first experience. By thinking mobile-first, we managed to build complex menu that remained intuitive and easy to use, before moving to designing for desktop devices. The website is not just optimized for mobile phones, but is built for these devices instead. However, our team managed to create a fully-responsive experience, where users can easily go back and forth between the mobile and desktop experience.

Even though the website looks elegant and even simplistic, it is powered by a very complex back-end system. As you can see for yourself, the website uses a lot of external data by showing feeds to events, partner listings, real-time weather data, as well as hotel booking widgets. This is why the website needed a complex back-end framework that is able of handling this amount of data.

Our relationship with the owner of this website is still ongoing. We are here to build and refine tools that existing and future users will find highly useful. Representing a city is not an easy task, and this is why we are so proud of this project.



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